Clear Rules & Expectations Help Kids Follow the Rules!
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Classroom management – want to learn how developing clear rules and expectations can help you in the classroom? Is this missing from your teaching plan? As we know, being a teacher can be an extremely difficult job with the responsibilities and expectations are placed on them and managing the classroom is not easy. The job can become even more difficult if the teacher does not have a firm grasp on what is happening in their classroom and it is not always taught during a teacher’s training. Jordan Catapano writes very practical advice on how to create a classroom management rules & consequences program in your classroom in his article titled:

Classroom Management: Develop Clear Rules, Expectations

While not all students are going to meet the requirements expected of them, if the rules and expectations are laid out clearly to the children in the beginning, they will have a better understanding of exactly what they need to do and how they need to behave.  This in turn will not only increase their performance, but also help create a more productive learning environment. Catapano gives great advice about breaking up the rules into different categories and ways to display them so they can effectively remind the students of the rules and expectations on a daily basis. Catapano also notes how it is important for teachers to have predetermined consequences in place for when the rules and expectations are not being met. All teachers can benefit from Catapano’s advice and we highly recommend reading his full article on the Teachhub website. The link is below. 

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Classroom Management: Develop Clear Rules, Expectations