An organized classroom is a fun and efficient classroom. To maximize daily schedules, teachers need to organize their materials for easier reference so they can separate materials they use everyday from materials periodically. Storage can be exciting. Classroom storage can be a fun way to learn because you can use book displays as libraries and cubbies as mail boxes. Assign students jobs and they naturally become interested in the subject.

You can have a cubby assigned to each student so they can have a place to keep their art supplies, assignments, & books. Teachers can also use the cubbies to give the students projects, leave notes or give home work.

Its also a fun way for students to learn responsibility in the classroom and for them to get to know their classmates names. Many cubbies, such as the 10 Tray Mobile Storage Unit, come with removable plastic drawers.

For students who are still learning to read, each plastic draw can be labeled with a picture of the item that is inside. Students will love being called on to retrieve an item for the teacher or a classmate. Books that are displayed in an orderly and eye catching fashion will not only help the classroom look organized but it will also encourage the students to read. Books are part of the classroom, its common for classrooms to have lot of books for quiet reading or book reports. If you arrange the books in an orderly fashion this will encourage the students to check them out.

Cubbies can help teachers showcase books and display books in a manner that will interest the students. The best way to display the books is to place them in an angle that will show the front cover instead of putting them in a line showing just the spines. Students have materials that they need to carry around, portable storage is just the thing for this. Retrievable storage cubbies such as the See, Store and Take-Along Storage Cart, is equipped with lids that have handles. You will find that students like carrying them around and take pride in it.

Organizing the classroom using cubbies is fun and easy, it can also be an activity to keep them busy while the teacher is involved with other projects. Also, for super safe storage solutions make sure to check out the tip me not line of school furniture from Wood Designs.