How to Clean Your Classroom Rug 

classroom rugs sensoryedge
classroom rugs sensoryedge

Keep Classroom Rugs Looking Great

Your classroom rug requires care to keep it clean and maintain the look you love.  You made the right choice buying a quality classroom rug and our manufacturers back their products with excellent warranties. However, using any cleaning methods not recommended by your carpet manufacturer may void specific warranties. so it is best to learn how to Clean Your Classroom Rug ahead of time so you don’t accidentally mess it up when the time comes.

Cleaning Classroom Rugs – Daily Care

It is a good idea to sweep or vacuum debris from your rug daily 

If you choose to sweep debris off you should vacuum the rug at least once a week to get any deeper dirt accumulating on the rug. This will help prevent staining.


When vacuuming, DO NOT vacuum over serge (edge bound with thread/yarn). This can cause serge yarn to become frayed, and torn. The serge is not under warranty.


Occasional Deep Cleaning or Spot Cleaning Your Educational Area Rug

Typically, over the counter “dry cleaners” will do the job. They are good because they can be vacuumed out of the rug and not leave any residue. The main thing to avoid is any cleaner with bleach or strong chemicals that would cause the dye to run.

(NOTE: It is always good to test the product on a small area to test for colorfastness before using something across a large area of your rug.

These guidelines from carpets for kids are a good rule of thumb: 

DO use approved POWDERED DRY CLEANING products

DO SPOT TEST with cleaner, for color fastness before using over larger areas.

When cleaning, ALWAYS BLOT, NEVER SCRUB or rub abrasively. This may create a fuzzy area.

DO NOT use Bonnet System cleaning method

DO NOT SATURATE carpet with WET solution

Professional Dry Cleaning Classroom Rugs

You can also choose to have the rug PROFESSIONALLY DRY CLEANED.

According to Joy Carpets, a reputable professional RUG cleaner is knowledgeable on the latest RUG construction, carpet care products, and safe cleaning methods.

Contact a carpet cleaning professional when soil and stains are no longer removable with vacuuming and recommended carpet cleaning procedures. Obtain the name of a reliable carpet cleaning professional through referrals, the Better Business Bureau, or contact the Carpet and Rug Institute (706.278.3176) for a list of cleaning professional members and a copy of the Rug Care Guide (

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