The spring season is coming in only a few short days. Soon your little ones will be outside playing with their friends instead of being cooped up in the house. We have a wonderful children’s toy for your children to play with this spring. The Dizzy Disc is a fun, exciting toy for your children to enjoy for hours. Your children will learn balance, coordination and body awareness.
The Dizzy Disc Preschool Edition is a heavy-duty motion toy has a lever that allows the user to change angles for creative and challenging exercises. The bottom of the dizzy disc preschool edition has rubber feet making this easy to use indoors and out. The heavy-duty construction will have kids spinning with ease. Testers really liked the ability to change the angle and it provides overall upper body workout while having a great time. The Dizzy Disc is meant for children ages 3 and up.
The Dizzy Disc is 16 inches in diameter. This toy will allow your children to have a blast and get a great workout in the process. We have many other toys that your children can enjoy this spring and summer.
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