One of the White House’s responsibilities is to invest in America’s future; something President Barack Obama recently brought up in a State of the Union address. To that end, the Office of the President, together with the Office of Science and Technology Policy, is encouraging local organizations to embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education)¬†advocacy for youth.

White House Seeks info on All Types of Early Childhood Education STEM programs

All forms of participation in STEM education are encouraged, from advocacy, to support for educators, and even non-traditional learning environments that promote STEM education such as zoos. Your organization could be featured at a White House event highlighting local educators.

If your organization promotes STEM literacy and education in children, such as with computer science education or astronomy nights, read on for information on how to contact the White House in order to have your organization featured in promotional materials and be invited to exclusive events. To find out more about this program please read the full article on the Department of Education’s blog.

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Supporting Our Youngest Innovators: STEM starts early!