One of the greatest gifts that a parent can bestow on their children is a love of reading. How much your child enjoys reading will affect their entire life. If your child associates reading with struggling and not really understanding what is being read – that attitude will color his or her school work and professional world all their lives.
Start Early
You can make reading a little easier by making it an enjoyable experience for your kids. First of all, start reading to your children when they are very young. You may not think that baby on the bouncy chair is actually listening to a word that you are reading, but in fact the baby is learning to listen to your voice and as he grows older he will look forward to the stories that you read.
Make a Time and Place
Make time to read with your child. If he goes and gets a book, if it is at all possible, put off whatever you’re doing and make some time to read. If you need to finish something – do so but then read to your child. It only takes a little time and you’re building a love of reading in the future. Additionally, give you child someplace to read. Whether it is in a cozy chair by a window or a area rug of their own to lay on and look at a book; make it a comfortable experience and you will teach your children a valuable relaxation technique of winding down through reading.
Use these tips to foster a love of reading in your children and they will reap the rewards throughout their lives.