How to Encourage Caring for Your Identity in School

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An identity-safe school is a space where all students feel physically and emotionally safe and secure. Do you know how to encourage caring through an identity-safe school?  In this environment students have a feeling of fitting in and that those around them are supportive.

Is it possible to cultivate an identity safe environment?

It is possible to intentionally cultivate an identity safe environment at school. In working towards preventing bullying based on a student’s race or other aspects of their identity, you can effectively redirect learning environments to provide students with a sense of belonging and protection.

Due to the fact that so many students experience the opposite, educators around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the long-lasting effects that students suffer in regards to their self-esteem and educational success. In order to achieve an identity safe school, bullying must be addressed on multiple levels.

First and foremost, respect, empathy and kindness must be reinforced schoolwide. In addition, the biases in which much of the bullying is based on must be addressed so students need to be engaged in conversation about race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. By refuting the stereotypes and educating students, this will help bridge the gap.

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