Ensuring that your children have quick access to healthy snacks is vital in knowing that they’re gaining the proper nutrition throughout the day. Some ways to do this are by pre-slicing fruit or vegetables so that they have easy access to it throughout the day. Also be sure to carry non-perishable items that have wholesome nutritional content on you at all times, just in case they wind up getting hungry and needing a snack while you’re out and about.

Key Takeaways:

  • A good way to ensure healthy snacking is to create your own trail mix, which can be stored in baggies for easy grab and go eating.
  • Cut up fruit ahead of time, to create another healthy option for kids.
  • Some dense, delicious carbs that pack in the nutrients invlude, bananas, oranges and raisins.

“A good rule to follow is to always make sure you have a healthy source of carbohydrates in the meals or snacks, with lean sources of protein and healthy fats if your child will have plenty of time to digest. This way they are fueling with more nutrient dense options and setting themselves up for success!”

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