How to get Kids to Line Up and Wait

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Have you wondered how to get kids to line up and wait without having your line fall apart after 10 seconds?  It can be very difficult for some students to be in line properly with good behavior and still maintain their attention to the teacher for directions. There are several tips regarding how to help children accomplish this oftentimes overwhelming task.

Waiting and walking in line at school are all part of the ordinary school routine but it can introduce a new challenge for kids who struggle with controlling themselves.  In order to walk in a line, kids have to be able to practice self-control when it comes to their behaviors and impulses.  What this means is that they are to keep their hands to themselves, control the speed and the volume of their voices, and retain appropriate body space with others.

Kids also need to be able to listen to instructors using eye contact and by listening closely for the teacher’s directions and/or redirection.  They need to exhibit skills in motor planning, coordination and visual perceptual so they can find their way around obstacles (i.e. another student who stopped to tie his shoe), stay in a standardized line, and go up and down stairs when they need to.

What are your most creative ideas for helping kids walk and wait in line?

Use of movement tasks while in line or prior to lining up are very effective.  Heavy work activities that necessitate working or moving against resistance or providing impact to the joints and muscles are great ways to help calm many kids.  Not only can it help to calm kids, it helps kids to organize input to their proprioceptive system.  Jumping jacks and frog jumps are great ways to practice this.

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