The United States has certainly become a melting pot of different cultures. Our children experience it more and more everyday. It is a fabulous experience that can open their minds to different cultures, places and things. The Hand Around the World Rug is a great educational tool to explore the world with your kids. Not only are children able to learn about geography, but they are also able to share experiences that they have had with different country or regions.
The Hand Around the World Rug is a brilliantly colored carpet that comes in many different sizes. This educational carpet is perfect for classrooms, daycares or any after-school center. The Hands Around the World Rug features multiple colorful children from many different areas of the world. All of the major continents of the world are also features on the carpet.
The Hand Around the World Rug comes in 6 different sizes. A 10-year wear warranty also is included. There are multiple certifications associated with this educational rug. Free shipping is also available. We have many other educational rugs for you to choose them.