Have Fun with Your Kids

photo credit: www.5minutesformom.com

Do you have fun with your kids?  Are you just too busy? Parenting is both demanding and rewarding work but sometimes we forget to play and have fun along the way.  Add more play to your life and your child’s life through play and music.

It’s helpful to find a place for both mom and child to relax and enjoy others at play. Colorful play equipment, art, and music engage children while moms get to visit and make new friends.

Ideas for making play out of things found around your home are included in the form of cards to download and cut out. For example, try foot painting instead of finger painting, Or, make a game of hopping on different color sheets of construction paper and saying the color name. Use a flashlight to search a tunnel made of chairs and a sheet. Kids need more play and moms need more friends.

Becoming a mother is a wonderful journey, but it can be isolating and incredibly demanding. The best way to flourish as a joyful mom is to play and goof around with your children as well as devoting time to friends.

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