Heath Care Design

Grace Hill Entry Photo Credit: healthdesign.org

Like most people, you may be too busy to search out inspiration regularly.  However, design needs to fill the well once in a while, and there are new ways for you to do so. There are innovation centers in the healthcare industry including wellness centers and labs that are ripe with ideas and perfect for a visit. YouTube offers video training, talks and lectures.  This is well suited to new idea formation, the best of which is the TedMed Ted talks series.

In the theme of mass media, crowdsourcing sites can stimulate you to think in new ways.  Since they aim to bring together many ideas in the hopes of creating something new and better, there are a number of sites for inventors and creatives of all types to find. And there are other tools on the web that will help with organization and being prepared for new design ideas to come through. Then there is the traditional route, an oldie but goodie: talking with colleagues and co-workers. Whatever your style and whichever your choice, there are a plethora of ways to stimulate design ideas.

This article by Debra Levin, President & CEO, The Center for Health Design, is a great look into today’s innovations in heath care design. Take a look at the full article for more sources and inspirations for your health care design. If you are looking for ways to incorporate a kids area don’t forget that SensoryEdge has a great selection of waiting room toys and kid size waiting room furniture.

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