help introverted students

Photo Credit: Dreamtime Images (standard license)

Teachers who want to help introverted students thrive in their classrooms can use specific classroom management techniques to encourage these students to participate in class. Introverts are drawn to – and perform well on – solitary tasks, prefer solitary time to the stimulation of crowds, and are often more creative than extroverts.

However, our culture, including our education culture, is set up to favor the gifts of extroverts. To enable introverted students to succeed, teachers can employ strategies such as asynchronous communication, which is communication that isn’t happening all at the same time.  In addition teachers can give introverts more time to process information and allow them to work alone.

Group projects are great for extroverts, but introverts need to “live in their heads” to find and develop their best ideas.  Famous introverts include Steve Wozniak of Apple, who encouraged computer scientists to work alone. Introverts make great leaders if they are given the chance. This information and additional resources that show you how to use classroom management techniques to teach introverts can be found on the TeachHub website here  Classroom Management: Helping Introverts Thrive