Sorting skills and sequencing skills will be used by your child throughout their life, whether it be in the classroom, or their future work place. Why not help your child get a head start on essential sorting skills and sequencing skills with fun toys especially designed to enhance them.
First up, a terrific sorting skills builder, the Shape Sorting Clock from Melissa and Doug. Not only will your child improve their sorting skills by placing the correctly shaped wooden blocks in the corresponding hole, they’ll also be learning valuable time telling skills. This wonderful sorting skills toy is brightly colored to catch a child’s eye, and it’s sturdy wooden construction means it’s going to last for many years to come.
The Stack & Sort Board by Melissa & Doug is another great toy to promote your child’s sorting skills. Your child will learn to quickly sort items by color and shape. This toy also contributes to your child’s fine motor skill development. An excellent way to promote really useful playtime.
The Wooden Bead Sequencing Set by Melissa & Doug teaches your child valuable sequencing skills as they learn to stack colorful wooden beads in sequence to match specific pattern cards. Not only will you be helping your child to acquire sequencing skills, you’ll also be reinforcing reasoning and sorting skills as well as your child’s motor development.
As you can see, playtime can do double duty with these wonderful sorting and sequencing toys.