Helpful Methods for Students Struggling with Staying Focused

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If you have one or more students struggling with staying focused, you can learn helpful methods to assist them in staying on task.  Students with ADD may grab on to the first idea or answer that comes to mind.  With higher-thinking students can apply what they’ve learned in creative problem solving and in comparing the pros and cons of many options.

So you really need to understand about how distracted kids’ brains work. The executive function of the brain operates as a leader.  It gives directions, follows a process, and coordinates activities in order to accomplish a task. Students who have attention disorders lack this vital brain process.

Without a part of the brain operating in the leadership role, students often times have trouble focusing in the classroom, completing tasks, memorizing material, and prioritizing work.

Did you know kids can be taught to develop their executive functioning and become better at being self-directed learners?

Teachers can assist students to train the executive function of their brains by using brain exercises. These exercises can reduce the effects of ADD/ADHD and help students learn to better cope with their struggle with focus and learning in the classroom. Not only will the cognitive improvement be a huge assist to the student and teacher, but the classroom environment will improve since the other students will have less distractions.

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