Helping All Kids Understand Autism

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Even if a disability is not easy to recognize, it’s important to understand that everyone is different and in particular, it’s’ important to help all kids understand Autism.  Explaining to an adult what Autism is and what it means is difficult enough, now try explaining that to a toddler. People have different color hair, skin, eyes, etc…  At times someone’s difference is very obvious to the outside world, but sometimes it’s not.

How do you explain a disability to children?

The father of this family explains what Autism means to their family and how it’s a subject that they have to explain to their grandchildren. The couple have one older child that is now an adult living with Autism. His behavior can sometimes be scary for the younger grandchildren that are often in their home.

They found that the best way to explain this to their grandchildren is the easiest way.  To explain to a child what Autism is as simple as describing how every person  is different.  Be sure to explain that even though every child is born differently, we still love them all equally.

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