There are plenty of reasons to have a wonderful art space for your child. These special workstations allow your children to creatively pursue all of their art dreams. The Hobby & Art Table is a fabulous way for you to help your child learn and use different aspects of art. Art challenges the minds of our young people. Allow them to express all of their wonderful ideas with this fabulous kids workspace.
The Hobby & Art Table features a spacious write-and-wipe tabletop surface. A unique storage tray for art and hobby supplies will allow your children to organize all of their important tools. A paper roll holder neatly positioned under the table and out of the way. This gives your child the maximum space needed to work effectively. The paper roll and chair can be purchased separately.
The Hobby & Art Table is intended for children ages 4 and up. This durable woodwork station is made in the U.S.A. Right now this kids table is available at a great low sale price. You can view it today at