both parent and teacherBeing both parent and teacher has its unique challenges. The author describes new experiences from when their child entered school, and they attended the first parent-teacher conference.

Also shared are personal feelings and conflicts that are specific to the educator finding themselves on the other side of the fence, and how those feelings might make a parent educator feel conflicted and unsure of how to proceed.

Should you be a parent or an educator first?

Of course you need to be a parent first because that’s what your children need from you. There are many solutions offered about how to establish a separation between work as an educator and a proactive parent.

There are many effective tips listed here ranging from how to handle your own child to how to speak with their teacher are listed for anyone who is both an educator and a parent of a school-age child.

For a more in-depth understanding about how to find your way as a parent and teacher, read the original article here:

Navigating Your Identity as a Parent and an Educator