There are all kinds of learners in a classroom and lowering the brightest students to a level of learning more adaptable to others is unacceptable. Instead students that are less motivated or are struggling need help from their parents to stay up with the class. Some parents will not help their children with homework and that is failing the student. Asking for smaller class sizes would be effective if it was a realistic option but most times it is not. Offering tutoring after school is a viable option though. It is also key to establish reading and math habits early.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teachers can get families involved with their child’s learning or offer tutoring themselves to help struggling students.
  • Teachers can let students help each other by grouping lower performing students with brighter ones.
  • Focus on solidifying early literacy and math skills so that students don’t continue to fall behind.

“as the teacher, it is your responsibility to close this gap between all the learners.”

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