How to Explain Sensory Processing Disorder to Kids

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Are you being diligent about determining how to work with behaviors and encourage kids in their development?  What if they are struggling with sensory issues?  It’s crucial that parents and all of the people in our children’s lives are educated about how to explain sensory processing disorder to them in case they are struggling with it or they need to learn to be more empathetic to kids who are.  How do you feel when things are very bright, loud, smelly, strong-tasting, crunchy, moving, or touching your skin? Do you feel happy and want more? Do you feel scared and want to run away? Do you not even notice these things? Well, guess what, these things are not in your imagination!

How can you help kids get a better understanding of sensory processing disorder?

There are books and activities that will help explain sensory processing disorder to children.  Give these activities a try and use them as starting points for having discussions about the sensory system. There are many guides and books mentioned for different age groups, each with a specific goal concerning sensory processing.

Color My Senses is a coloring book designed to introduce young children to sensory development. This is easy to understand and offers practical examples kids can relate to.  This Is Gabriel Making Sense of School is a book for children about a child with a sensory disorder and the struggles in the classroom. Thinking about weighted blankets? We can help.

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