The Most Important Features of Good Classroom Management

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Good classroom management is more than having all your students under your dictatorship. Proper classroom management involves mutual respect between teacher and students, and an understanding of the learning environment you want to set.

What kinds of things can you do to develop a good relationship with your students?

Without mutual respect, a class has no motivation to be productive or respectful, and the teacher can give no freedom for students to develop their own learning styles.  A lot of earning respect as a teacher comes from being dependable and setting standards early.

Having a set routine helps classes to go smoothly and cuts down on time wasted daydreaming or misbehaving.  There needs to be standards set in place to explain what is acceptable and what is not.  This way there is no need for students to push boundaries to test how far they can go. Most importantly, make sure students realize that you’re both on the same team and want what’s best for students.

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