How to Inspire Student Coders

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Coding is the way of the future.  If you’re looking to inspire student coders, you need to begin with very simple coding tasks and smaller projects.  Allow kids to choose whether to work together or alone.  Make sure you are assigning projects that are at their level and of interest to them.

Creating lines of code must have purpose so kids can learn to transfer their skills in a meaningful way. You’ll find that unless results are something that relates to a real-world adventure or creative type of games, students may end up having no interest in coding and therefore not be terribly motivated.

As coding tasks get more complex, how do you convince high schoolers to persevere?

In the end, students will study exactly how to create animation through coding.  Their effort, persistence, ingenuity, and critical thinking will make a big difference in the final product. Students learn to give life to their designs, and this will make them more in control of their learning.  The world of technology is ever-increasing. Coding is the backbone of technology and how the world is able to communicate through the world wide web.

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