Interactive learning games make education fun for kids but finding new and creative ways to help kindergarten and preschool age children learn letters and letter recognition can be a difficult task.

This article from the Scholastic Blog by teacher Allie Magnuson provides 7 fun interactive ways to get children excited about learning their letters. These activities are not just a great way to learn they will keep them engaged in the learning process.

These simple activities require a little preparation time but it is well worth the results. If you are looking for ways to keep children entertained while simultaneously helping them to learn and recognize the letters of the alphabet this teaching strategy is perfect for you.

The activities relate to daily tasks or other activities the children will already be familiar with, such as fishing, folding laundry, or looking for safari animals. The kids will have so much fun that they won’t think of learning as a chore. Get your kindergarten or similar-aged children moving around and engaged in the process of learning the alphabet!

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7 Fun Alphabet Activities to Try Right Now