Do you remember a time when your child wasn’t quite so talkative and the questions didn’t come pouring out from the minute he gets up until he goes to sleep at night – and lately you notice he even asks questions in his sleep?
What you’re seeing is a beautiful, busy mind at work. Don’t be frustrated because you get interrupted constantly with questions that range from , “Why is the sky blue?” to “Why do I get in trouble for putting my face in the plate at the dinner table?
The only thing you need to really work on is the interrupting part. While teaching them respect and manners is a very necessary part of raising a child, they also need to know that it is ok to be curious and ask questions, in fact – questions should be encouraged as discovery through questions is a huge part of learning.
Keep that busy mind filling with knowledge and give your child toys that will expand his mind. An Alphabet Train Floor puzzle is a great example. You can talk about the letters,discuss the animals and little facts you know about each type of animal with your child and he will be learning while playing and study after study has shown – children retain knowledge gained the play the quickest and best.