In a previous post we talked about age appropriate gifts for kids and how important it is to make sure that your children get the right toys for their developmental levels. No one wants your kids to have more fun than we do, however we want your kids to always have their fun in the safest possible ways. Another concern many parents have, especially with the recent rash of major toy retailer recalls, is the overall safety of the toys their kids are playing with – most pointedly – the materials those toys are made from.
Getting your kids to eat their fruits and veggies is a challenge nearly all parents face. Making their food something they associate with fun and good times is a great way to get your kids to see those veggies on their plates in a whole new light.
The Pretend Play Veggie Set is is the health conscious toy that is realistic, durable, light weight plastic and perfect for pretend play.
Pretend play is a powerful way for children to learn and study after study has shown that kids learn and retain knowledge at greater rates when they learn through their own methods, largely including pretend play games.
Give your child a jump start on learning about their fruits and veggies with their own pretend play set and know you’re giving them a great toy that is safe!