Do you ever remember playing with fun Chunky Puzzles when you were a little kid? You may have had a couple of favorite Chunky Puzzles that you used to play with from time to time. These kinds of puzzles were just perfect for you to play with, and your children will enjoy playing with Chunky Puzzles now as well.
Why not treat your kids to a fun Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle? This puzzle is just right for children ages 2 and older to play with because all of the pieces are extremely easy for them to pick up with their small hands. The Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle is fabulously made with solid wood and there are even fun pictures under each of the pieces for an added surprise. Watch as your child picks up each of the pieces that include a whale, starfish, shark and more.
For the little handyman or fix-it lady in your family, the Chunky Tools Puzzle is just right for about any project! Kids just love to pick up all of the pieces and place them in the right spots. For an extra bonus, all of these tool-shaped pieces also stand up so that they can be used for hours of fun with pretend play. Why not give your little one some type of project to fix around the house? They can take one of the pieces from the Chunky Tools Puzzle to help them out. In this great Chunky Tools Puzzle they will find pieces that include a saw, hammer, measuring tape and others.