Kids Love Fun Halloween Activities

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The holiday season is coming, beginning with Halloween!  We all know kids love Halloween, and of course kids love fun activities.  To get your class ready for the spooky season, check out these Halloween activities that not only entertain but they even slip in some ghostly learning!

Kids can write spooky stories using plot structure in their writing for Halloween. For younger kids this can be a how-to writing experience.  Older students could learn about what happened in 1938 by listening to Orson Welles’ radio broadcast, “The War of the Worlds.” And for a thought-provoking discussion with older students, ask them if this type of “hoax” could be carried out today?

Many Halloween horrors can be researched on a historical basis such as the Salem Witch Trials. There’s something every age can learn.  Halloween offers a way to bring out the kid in everyone and at the same time, you can still teach indispensable skills!

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