Pasta is not just a staple in the kitchen – it has been a go to item for kids activities for early education and preschool teachers for generations. For older kids, teachers often don’t think to use pasta activities as a teaching tool. Since pasta is inexpensive and so easily available it is a great idea to incorporate into activities for older kids too.

Alycia Zimmerman, a teacher who is also regular blogger at, has four great ideas to get the ball rolling on your pasta activities for upper elementary students. They include:

Pasta Rulers: Exploring Non-Standard Units of Measurement
Pasta Plating: Sorts Across the Curriculum
Investigating the Properties of Spaghetti Triangles
Pasta Skeletons to Reinforce Anatomy Vocabulary img_3954

She not only describes the activities in depth but there are also downloadable resource templates for you to use as guides in your classroom. To see the complete plan for these activies check out the entire article at

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