We all know how difficult it can be trying to keep a child entertained. And like most parents, teachers or care givers, you want to make them happy and hopefully get a little education thrown in there (whether the child is aware of it or not!).
No matter what age, there are toys and activities that will satisfy everyone. If you have a group of kids that are similar in age, it appears to be a little easier to satisfy all of them. Pretend play is a great activity. It will work if you have a group of little girls, they love to play house and there are so many great toys to go along with that. T
here are pretend kitchens and doll furniture for them to enjoy. Or, perhaps a group of boys would love to be pretend cowboys with the Barn set play yard or stable and corral set. And yes, it is even possible to find something that both boys and girls playing with together. Try the medieval castle set where all the lords, ladies and knights will have hours of fun.
Another great idea for fun whether boys, girls or a group of both is a puppet show. Set up the Floor Puppet Theater or maybe the Story Time Puppet Theater for the kids (allowing them to help also makes them feel important) then stand back and let them loose. The rehearsals alone will be great entertainment and chances are you will enjoy their performances as much as they will.