There is really nothing more wonderful than watching your child exploring with their creative side. Well, that is if they are not coloring on your walls or your appliances in the kitchen, right? This is why it is so important to embrace their creative side and let the little artist within them shine through by giving them a great place to create and play. The best way that you may find to do this is with the incredible 4 in 1 Floor Easel.
The Guidecraft 4 in 1 Floor Easel is made with your child and his or her creative needs in mind. Because children just love to make different drawings and paintings over and over again, this piece is just the perfect thing for them to use. The easel itself flips over very easily so that they can either use the dry erase side, which is also magnetic, or the chalkboard side. This 4 in 1 Floor Easel also comes with one big roll of paper so that they can create different pictures and paintings to hang on the refrigerator or give to other friends or relatives. After they create they can also even take a couple of magnets and hang up their own work on the easel!
By getting your child this wonderful easel, you will be able to both save your walls and give them a great place to become inspired. You may even be quite amazed at how much talent your little one has! Extra rolls of paper are always available so that they can keep the beautiful drawings and other works of art coming.