Make Homework Helpful

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Homework! Who wants to do homework?! There is a strategy when giving out homework assignments that can help your students learn and retain more information. There are many things you can keep in mind when assigning homework to ensure your students’ success and make homework helpful to everyone.

Are you assigning homework that is meaningful and beneficial to your students?

Teachers and parents have universally been in a tug a war over homework. Teachers require homework to be done, since there’s not enough time in class, and parents want to have time outside of school with their children. This can cause the homework to be put under a magnifying glass with parents determining if the work is valid or just filler busywork being provided by the teacher.

Rather than being adversaries, teachers and parents should be partners throughout the school year. They both should have the interests of the children and their development in mind. This is where there needs to be a level of communication and a strategy regarding homework that will maximize the time devoted to it. This is a learning process where the teachers can develop impressive methods by being the best mentors to the children and showing parents that homework matters.

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