How to Manage Your Classroom when You have Extra Time
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Having extra time in the classroom is the perfect excuse for children to begin misbehaving. And for teachers there’s nothing like that feeling when the the lesson ends early, and there is nothing planned.

You need to learn how to manage your classroom when you have extra time because this can often lead to the loss of control. The freedom kids feel when they get an unexpected break from their regular schedule can trigger some impulsive behavior.  It may actually feel like an interruption and students may feel they don’t have to pay attention.

What is the solution to maintain classroom management when there is an unexpected break in routine?

The solution is to fill the additional time with intention and make sure that the class understands that an unexpected break does not indicate things have changed.  The bar for expected behavior needs to remain high no matter the circumstances. There are a few different ways to accomplish this.

Lay out what the plan is now and explain how and why.  Collaboration is important and needs to be practiced in different ways.  Explain to your students what you expect from them and what will happen if they choose to not follow the classroom rules.  Explaining how appropriate behavior will benefit them is another way to motivate kids.

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