Managing Challenging Student Behaviors

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As teachers know, some student behaviors can be challenging.  Sometimes students even believe that teachers are simply out to boss them around. When a student pushes back, the teacher cannot just put their foot down and give them a ‘because I said so’ or ‘because I am the boss.’

What do we do with those kids who question the status quo?

By applying the power of “why” and appealing to the real motive for your decisions, you can change their questions.  You can reassure your class that everything you do has an objective in mind that helps them as well as the entire class. Did you know that some students ask questions simply to challenge the teacher’s decisions?

For students that question why, and push back against rules and regulations, such questioning are great opportunities to make it a learning experience. By using reason and revealing the true benefits behind your actions, classrooms and schools can be a smooth and efficient system that everyone can benefit from.  Classrooms with structured rules work best when everyone believes in them and plays along.

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