Geography is an important subject for children of all ages. Children are exposed to geography on a daily basis. From the local news on the radio before school, to the manufactures of the toys your children play with, geography is everywhere. We have a fabulous floor rug that features a map of the United States that will surely help your children learn about geography.
The Map of the U.S.A. Kids Rug is the perfect way for your children to learn about the different states in the U.S.A. There are loads of exciting games that you can play with this floor rug. Your children can find states where relatives live, where their favorite sports teams are playing or simply which states start with certain letters. The possibilities are endless. The brilliant colors of this rug with keep their attention. Numbers, state abbreviations, country regions and oceans are also labeled on this map rug.
This map rug is available in three different sizes. Simply choose which size is best for your daycare or classroom. There is a 10-year wear warranty and loads of lifetime protection. This rug is perfect for residential or commercial use. This map rug has a Class I flammability rating