Minecraft Helps to Educate Students

photo credit: www.teachhub.com

As technology advances, classrooms are doing their best to keep up, and they are using the popular game Minecraft to help educate students. There are various modes for the game Minecraft which range from traditional to hardcore. And now, thanks to Microsoft, it’s free for education purposes.

Did you know you can use the popular game Minecraft as an educational teaching tool?

Some of the things kids learn are how to construct, investigate, and endure despite whatever comes their way.  Also, kids are learning social skills in how they go on journeys with friends.  Minecraft works for educating students since it involves many core skills learned within the classroom. In addition to reading, writing, and researching, students hone and build problem-solving skills and learn to deal with failure.

There is even a mode for storytelling purposes.  And many may not notice it, but at the core of the game is STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Geology, geography, math, and science are all part of playing the game and thus it is proving to be a new and exciting way to educate students.

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