How to Motivate Student Writers
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It’s always surprising when typically talkative students have a hard time when it comes to writing.  All of a sudden they have nothing to say. Have you ever wanted to teach your child or your students creative ways to write? You can easily learn how to motivate student writers to get their creative juices flowing by using alternative methods to present their ideas.

Have you had trouble getting your child or student to write down their creative ideas or assignments?

There are special techniques to get tentative writers to get over their struggle with writing.  If students are better at talking, you can have them come up with what to write without having to write anything.  The main strategy is to not have the students write at all. They simply need to “talk.”   Most students don’t realize that audio/recording technology can help get their ideas down. For students who just can’t seem to put pen to paper, recording their words with an audio recorder can be the best option.

There’s no need to worry about about whether kids communicate through keyboard, chalkboard, recording devices, or whatever works.  The objective is for kids to take their valuable thoughts and express them successfully to others.  These methods are to help make sure you break down any obstacle between a student and their audience.  This allows kids the freedom to articulate their ideas without fear or anxiety.

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