Are you looking to update management strategies in the classroom? We have some tips for you. Always circulate the classroom. Implement a system that lets your students share their work. Enforce consequences. Don’t be afraid to compromise. Create something that your kids will share with the classroom. Have a visible clock. Collect student responses. Share your students’ success stories. Let your students own their work. Start classes with circles and encourage them to share. Check in with your students. Set up your classroom smartly.

Key Takeaways:

  • In managing today’s classrooms, teachers should circulate, compromise and enforce consequences.
  • Letting students capture their work, create, and have choices will also help.
  • Set up your classroom by letting kids see the clock and setting up the occasional circle will keep them involved.

“Innovative educators know they have to update classroom management strategies in the modern classroom. Here are twelve strategies to do just that.”

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