New Teaching Method that Utilizes Differentiated Instruction

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A new and improved teaching method being used right now is one that utilizes differentiated instruction. This method tailors the teaching style used to the learning style of the student. This will call for the use of a variety of teaching methods, often even using more than one method for each student.

How do you use differentiated instruction in your classroom?

Methods to implement differentiated instruction include: 1. Examine the content of the material to identify the main points which will allow the instructor to tailor the instructions. 2. Identify the materials to be used for the lesson in order to assign proper materials for the task. 3. Decide on a method to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction.

Methods to differentiate the teaching include: Flexible grouping where the instructor can assign students to groups based on identified learning methods that they all share. Choice activities allow the students to identify the areas to be learned or how material is to be learned, increasing the student’s commitment to the material and motivating the students. Lastly, tiered assignments which involves grouping tasks according to the level of complexity.  This allows students to work towards increasing levels of complexity.

Like any new method, mastering differentiated instruction takes effort but allows instructors to better accommodate students with different learning styles.

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