One Simple Technique Can Increase Student Motivation and Decrease Anxiety

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In a classroom it is always a challenge to keep kids not only focused, but motivated to learn new things. If you want to increase student motivation, a problem area that you can fix easily is in regards to transitioning to a new subject.

Why is letting students know what is coming up next so important?

What if you had strategies that could help the children prepare for what is next by giving them a preview? If students know exactly what is expected of them, they can relax and better pay attention to what you are asking of them.  There is no fear of the unknown to contend with. There is a specific outline and the kids will learn to follow it on their own, and they may even look forward to the lesson itself.

With 3 simple steps and only a couple of minutes, your students can be prepared for what comes next and have all their worries put to rest. They will better understand what is coming and what is expected of them next, instead of being thrown into a new situation and worrying about what is going to happen.

By following these 3 easy steps you can make transitions easy, and help kids become excited about what is next, and even cut down on misbehavior.  To find out more about how to increase student motivation and improve behavior, read the original article here:
How A Simple Preview Can Improve Behavior And Motivation