With childhood obesity at an all time high, outdoor toys are more important than ever for getting your kids the exercise they want and need. Additionally, outdoor toys encourage group play and in these days of video games and activities that limit physical movement and social interaction, it is more important than ever that children have a fun and safe place to expend their energies and get exercise.
More outdoor fun is found for your kids in the Feber Faux Wood House. This toy requires no assembly and is great for your kids to play on all year round. There are 2 side ladders and an activity table. There is also a fun wavy slide for your kids to zoom down. This toy will encourage climbing and the activity table will encourage imaginations. Best of all, this toy has one more trick; the activity table flips over and will convert to a sandbox.
Outdoor toys are the best way for your children to play with toys that will keep both your child’s mind and body active and growing.