Patient Care Trends in Today's Exam Room

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Dramatic changes in the flow of patient care creates needs not being met by traditional exam rooms. With the exam room currently becoming the main place to provide care, more responsibility is placed on educating providers and allowing space for family members. The trend of bringing care to the patient when possible, rather than the patient going to different locations within a clinic for services, requires a different physical configuration.

Did you know that the exam room is turning into the central place for offering treatment?

Some procedures that were previously performed elsewhere in the clinic are now being completed in the exam room.  There needs to be room for exams, doctors, family, and teleconferencing.  Designers of medical facilities need to carefully consider changes to traditional clinic plans.  Along with implementing modifications to facilitate current trends in medical care delivery, they need to anticipate the future of design for medical facilities.

Exam room planning is responding to this demand by providing larger consultation spaces where a primary care provider or team of providers can talk about ways of preventing illnesses.  They are also providing larger family spaces for interpreters or friends to participate in the patients’ healthcare process.

Technology has a growing responsibility placed on it when developing examination rooms. A great example of this is using video-based telemedicine.  This permits patients and primary caregivers to discuss with experts in the field distantly.

Transformation is occurring inside the conventional clinic.  The progressive designer needs to work together with healthcare facilities owners to go over the finest choices in a growing market. Well-organized and well-planned examination rooms provide the best patient care possible.

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