Those of you who have children know that toys come in abundance. They are anywhere and everywhere you could possibly imagine! It is hard to find ways to organize your childrens toys so that they are still within reach for your children and out of your way. This Wooden Toy Box is perfect for that very thing. It is simplistic in style, however, neat and clean looking enough to sit anywhere in the house.

The dimensions are 40in Lx 21in Wx 20in H. It is roomy and spacious enough to fit your childs toys and keep them out of the way when playtime is over for the day. Yet, when it starts all over again the next day, your child will be able to easily reach in to the chest and grab whatever item they wish. The double lid supports make it safe for your child to lift the lid and you will not have to worry about it slamming shut on their poor little fingers.

The best feature about this toy box is that it can be personalized for your child. You have the option of having their name with a fancy design or if you need one box for multiple children, have the box designed with the alphabet.

Keep their toys in one easily accessible spot and out of your way to keep your house clean and tidy!