Getting your kids involved in fun outdoor activities is a priority for every parent. More and more parents are skipping the DVDs and video games as entertainment sources for their children and opting for toys that promote active play and development of important motor skills such as hand and eye coordination and cognitive skills.
A great riding toy that will promote both of these skills highly is a Plasma Car. These fun riding toys are made from very strong, yet lightweight ABS plastics that create a smooth and comfortable sitting area for your child. This car comes in brilliant colors that are sure to delight any child and with a little practice any kid can master riding and steering a Plasma Car. There are no batteries to recharge, no gears to switch and this car doesn’t even have pedals that can frustrate smaller children who have not yet mastered moving their arms and feet at the same time as required with tricycles and other small riding toys.
The secret to the Plasma Car is the simplicity of design. It has 6-wheels for stability, a comfy seat and foot rests that go towards the front of the car. To make the Plasma Car move forward, your child simply rotates the steering wheel continuously back and forth from left to right. When your child is ready to stop, he or she simply stops moving the steering wheel and when the car slows down, your child just puts their feet on the ground and the car will come to a complete stop.
If you have a large flat area for your children to ride their Plasma Cars on, these cars can attain a speed of over 6 MPH. Additionally, the versatile cars can also go in reverse quite easily, simply switch the 4 front wheels of the car to the back and move the larger back wheels forward to the front of the Plasma Car. The car will go backwards until you move the wheels back to their original positions.
If you would like a toy that is earth-friendly, kid powered and will promote motor skills in your child, a Plasma Car will be the perfect toy for your needs.