Younger and younger children are using computers for educational purposes. Some young children even have a personal computer of their own. If you are thinking of purchasing a personal computer for your little one, we have just the computer desk that will fit his or her needs. The Preschool Computer Desk is the perfect size for your little education whiz. This small computer desk has all the key components that your child needs.
The Preschool Computer Desk is designed for preschool aged children ages 2-6 years old. The desktop is deep enough for a large computer and a full size tower can fit below the desk. The solid wood legs and frame are made from Oregon timber and have a sturdy laminated top and with dent resistant edge banding. All of the materials associated with this computer desk are easy to clean. There is even an optional Grow Kit to fit older children.
Technology is sweeping through school of all kinds. Many times, our children know more than we do regarding computers. This little computer desk will help them with all of their needs