Whether you have a son or a daughter, you will find that all children just love to help you out in the kitchen, especially if you are going to be baking delicious cupcakes or cookies. However, because appliances can be complicated and the oven and stove get too hot, this may not always be an option. This is when the perfect gift of a pretend baking set can come in really handy!
You and your child are sure to have hours upon hours of fun and incredible bonding time when you give them a chance to use the Super Baking Set while you are cooking in the kitchen. Go ahead and clear them a space on the counter or the table and let them get going with their own baking set so they can pretend that they are cooking just like you.

Food Play

Some of the awesome items that are included in this fun set include a rolling pin, pastry wheel, mixing bowl, different shaped cookie cutters, measuring utensils and more! There is even an oven mitt so they can pretend that they are taking their baked goods in and out of the oven.
Once your child begins exploring pretend play with this baking set, you might just find that he or she will end up growing with a want to cook and bake. As they grow older, they can eventually take their pretend play a little bit further with real baked goods. Until that time, this pretend baking set is just right for little hands and growing minds!