Teaching is unique to each and every individual. Every teacher has their own distinct style that they feel is most effective at getting their point across to the people they are looking to teach. In public schools, it has been noted that some teachers speak more loudly and assertively to maintain the attention of their students. Private school provides a bit better base of one to one teacher and student interaction. It depends on the people and the teachers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be organized in how you plan to present the information you are teaching
  • Find ways to capture the audience’s attention in a age appropriate manner for the subject
  • set a good pace, giving time to present and repeat info in different formats and for students to complete their task

“The consensus among the teachers to whom I spoke was that it is hard to have a good lesson if it starts badly, but that making sure it starts right is much easier than the lecturers and the assessors might have us believe.”

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