Remember what your parents preached to you oh, so long ago? Your mom would be standing in the kitchen, hands on her hips telling you to pick one: inside or out. But what that really meant was you were going outside because you didnt choose quick enough. Nowadays, children love their video games, the television, and the newest technology. But we are lacking in the go-outside-and-play department. What happened to taking a stick and a garden hose and turning them in to a world of pirates and sea creatures? Or if you are one to continuously push your children to playing outside, take note of this spiffy device: the Kids Outdoor Table with Umbrella by KidKraft.

Once your kiddies get a look at this awesome picnic table, they will want to have their lunches outside. While they are outside munching on their meal, bring out a few crafts to get their hands on. It will keep them outside in the nice warm sun and so what if you had to bribe them in a way? They are outside, right? Enjoy the weather and once you are done, hang their artwork on the refrigerator so they can be proud of the work they have done.