Activity and train tables are a wonderful way to stimulate pretend play in your child. An activity table will open up a world to explore that is only limited by imagination. Additionally, activity and train tables come in a diverse range of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Train tables offer up hours of fun pretend play for children. Trains can take your kids away on imaginary adventures that will keep them entertained for hours. These train tables are well thought out with landscapes embedded in the design and rounded corners; they are compatible with Brio and Thomas wooden train sets and accessories. The convenient storage holds the items between pretend play adventures.

Both activity and train tables do dual duty and not only stimulate your child to entertain themselves with their own imaginations, they encourage group play and help children not only learn valuable socialization skills, but simply sharing ideas about where to take their stories as they pretend play with an activity or train table is a fun way to learn to get along with others.