How to Supervise Your Child’s Digital World – Without Being the Bad Guy

The internet is a valuable resource, containing limitless amounts of research and educational material. However, it’s no secret that it isn’t the safest place for unsupervised youngsters.

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The dangers children are exposed to pose unique challenges in the teenage years. One sexually explicit picture from a teenager can result in problems for years, possibly even legal charges. So how do we make sure they are safe without being too nosy or interfering?

Many parents have learned that attempting to pry into a teenager’s life is a fast way to lose your teen’s trust. The crossroads is to monitor your teen’s activities; but do so openly to avoid losing communication with your teenager. Gregory Ramey, PhD argues against the use of secret apps for monitoring your child’s online life. Instead, the recommendation is that you keeping monitoring openly but decreasingly restrictive as your teenager becomes more responsible. For a more in depth looks at this topic Read the original article here: Supervising your child’s digital world