A Penn State research study recently concluded that working as a teacher in a classroom setting is just as stressful as working in an emergency room. With these alarming statistics, it is important to adhere to several successful calming strategies that can help you and your students remain mindful and balanced. Making sure that your own emotional needs are met and that you participate in emotional regulatory practices has been proven to translate in being more sensitive to the needs of your students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s educators are pulled and challenged not just by classroom duties, but by escalating administrative and institutional concerns as well.
  • Some have suggested the classroom is in its own way as stressful as any ER room.
  • Teachers are often trained in grade-specific materials, but left unsupported when it comes to dealing with stress.

“Gabrielle “pulls her anger in and lets the emotional elevator go down.” Kasey “stops, grounds herself, and lets out deep breaths.” And Nadia “takes a step back, calms herself, and re-approaches the situation with a thoughtful response rather than an immediate reaction.””

Read more: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2018-12-26-teaching-is-as-stressful-as-an-er-these-calming-strategies-can-help